Radio Ga Ga: I am what I am









Track 15

I am what I am



                         “I am what I am,
                         I am my own special creation,
                         So come take a look
                         Give me the hook or the ovation”
                                         - Gloria Gaynor



“Marvelous, just marvelous!” Higgins cheers Pickering and Liz as they sit in the boardroom and watch clips of Cyndi's performance.

Hapless news commentators give their play-by-play summaries of Cyndi's performance, regurgitating the same sentiment, but using a thesaurus to one-up each other.



“Totes Phantasmagorical.”

“So obvi supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

The ticker at the bottom of the news reports that the fundraiser actually lost money and that the millions donated were used first to pay the event planners, a slew of consultants and contractors, and finally the heads of the non-profit.

In the corner, underneath a ballgown, beneath a weave of blonde hair, my body twitches.

I sit, slumped over, awaiting my rebirth.

* * *

And now, dear race, you know my secret. Now that I have described how I was born in body, I will tell you how I was born again in soul. It is this soul that flies to you now on wings that radiate... somewhere under the rainbow.




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